Elastos Accused of Foul Play in Binance Arm-Wrestle with WePower

Elastos Accused of Foul Play in Binance Arm-Wrestle with WePower

With only twelve hours left to run, Binance’s sixth “Coin of the Month” competition – which offers a free listing on its exchange for the crypto community’s top voted token – appears set to be carried off by Elastos. 

Launched on February 21st at 10:00 UTC for a period of exactly four days, the league table witnessed a neck-and-neck run between arguably two of the highest profile ICOs around, until WePower appeared to edge ahead with 4k votes with less than 24 hours remaining.

However, in what appears to be an extraordinary last-minute surge, the number of votes in favour of Elastos has increased dramatically in the last few hours, with the blockchain-based internet infrastructure project now leading the pack with just under fifty percent of the vote. 

“Peculiar Spike” in Numbers

On the other hand, the peculiar spike in votes has raised suspicions among some WePower supporters of Elastos’ own supporters implementing bots in order to outgun the WePower project – a green energy start-up – which enjoys a four-fold larger following on Telegram, totalling over 60,000 . 

“We were leading by four thousand votes,” complained one WePower investor, “and suddenly in the space of four hours the Elastos project receives 25,000 votes, almost half of all of its votes – how do you explain that?” 

“Binance are aware of the issue,” another investor stated on the WePower project’s official Telegram channel, ” … declining to answer how they will deal with this, but stating that they will.”

Both WePower and Elastos have both been offering rewards to those who participate in their respective Binance campaigns. The investment, however, will likely be worth it for the winner as a listing on the world’s leading crypto exchange is thought to cost anything up to $1 million USD. 

Users voting on the Binance exchange can only do so by agreeing to pay a fee of 0.1 BNB – the equivalent of $1 USD paid in Binance’s native token – meaning that crypto-enthusiasts have so far paid a combined total of over $150,000 to have their say in the outcome. 

The final result is expected tomorrow, February 25 at 10:00 UTC, with Elastos leading with just over 70k votes issued on its behalf, resulting in what looks like an unassailable 16k lead – a number which would have been sufficient in itself to carry off the previous round, won by RaiBlocks / Nano who achieved a total of 12k votes.