Elon Musk Finally Denies That He Is Satoshi

Elon Musk Finally Denies That He Is Satoshi

Serial entrepreneur, the inspiration for Iron Man and the main man at Tesla Inc., Elon Musk finally announced Tuesday that he is not the inventor of the mother of all cryptocurrencies.

Bizarre Claim

Musk had been touted as a possible candidate for Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, following a Medium post by a former intern at SpaceX.

In the article, Sahil Gupta outlines some questionable reasoning as to why he believes Musk is the creator of the world’s first truly scare digital commodity.

He began with claims that Musk’s “deep understanding of economics and cryptography”, knowledge of the C++ programming language, and the motivating factor of the 2008 Great Recession all point the finger at the Tesla Inc. CEO.

Twitter Reaction

The story was picked up initially by CryptoCoinNews and a deluge of speculation followed. Most Twitter responses, however, quickly debunked the notion with a healthy dose of comedic scepticism:

Musk is a serial self-promoter. Had he come up with anything 1/1000th as groundbreaking we’d have known about it.” – Frayed_Knot.

Obviously, and on the 7th day Musk rested.” – Phil Thompson.

I will debunk this right now. There is no way Elon Musk is Satoshi. He would never create a currency system that uses so much energy. One bitcoin transaction uses the amount of power an entire home uses in a full week. No way would he impact the environment like this.” – Adam W.

After the story broke, it took Musk just 48 hours to respond himself:

“Not true. A friend sent me part of a BTC a few years, but I don’t know where it is.”

Of course, the real Satoshi would probably stick to the line of anonymity irrespective of accusations. However, with Musk’s response, the cryptocurrency world is no closer to finding out who originally conceived the tech innovation sweeping the planet today.

One researcher has claimed that he has been able to narrow the number of candidates to a group of 30 academics who had been working in the highly niched space of cryptography research in late 2008, just before the release of Bitcoin itself.

It is still unknown, however, if Satoshi is or was an individual or a team of individuals.