EOS Founder Dan Larimer: Let’s Just Start All Over Again

EOS Founder Dan Larimer: Let’s Just Start All Over Again

Barely two weeks after the platform’s official launch, EOS co-founder Dan Larimer is proposing that the project rewrite its constitution. 

The suggestion, which surfaced initially on the eosGov Telegram channel, was later published by Larimer on his Medium blog under the title “The ‘Intent of Code’ is Law”.

Block Producers Position Unclear

Larimer appears to be addressing concerns voiced over social media in relation to the platform’s current governance protocol which, according to some, places too much power in the hands of block producers.

Evidence of that power arose barely three days into the EOS launch as the majority of block producers collaborated to reverse several transactions that were flagged as thefts during the transition of Ethereum-based tokens to the native platform. 

Whilst Larimer’s suggestion has grabbed attention within the larger EOS community, it is not clear at this stage how much buy-in he can expect from the platform’s community of block producers. And this snag has now become the latest entry in a series of hiccups following the mainnet launch. 

Some of those issues have been technical in nature, but most have been organisational-related as elements from within the EOS community have complained of a governance model that is both too poorly defined and too centralised.

Organisational concerns appear to be revolving primarily around the specific role of ECAF – EOS Core Arbitration Forum, the platform’s system of arbitration –  as well as how block producers are chosen for the wider ecosystem.