EOS Mainnet has “Paused and not Crashed”

EOS Mainnet has “Paused and not Crashed”

Social media has been alight within crypto circles as news emerged today of what was reported initially as a crash of the EOS network. However, according to at least one source on Reddit, EOS was undergoing a six-hour pause on transactions: 

Mainnet chain paused for 3-6 hours. Will resume at block 1027926. from eos

 The news comes barely two days after the main launch of the EOS network which itself was the subject of some criticism arising from voting procedures to determine the network’s block validators. 

“No Need to Panic”

“The chain is only days old, the pause and fix is orchestrated, and no forks have happened,” added Reddit user rixst3r as comments elsewhere appear to indicate both panic and criticism of how the EOS launch has been handled so far.

“Ethereum didn’t raise $4 billion and wasn’t a $10 billion dollar platform before launch. The dynamics are very different today than back then, the expectations are much higher now,” was the retort of another Reddit contributor as the wider community awaits a full, formal comment on the episode from the EOS team. 

The EOS token is itself down 2.5% at time of writing, although that figure appears to be in line with general market conditions as other leading cryptocurrencies display similar falls for the last twenty-four hours.