ETC Accelerator Improving Government Efficiency

ETC Accelerator Improving Government Efficiency

OS City, a public services solutions company (GovTech) and a participant in Ethereum Classic Labs (ETCLabs) accelerator program, is achieving significant improvements for national and local governments in South America.

By utilising cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, OS City are providing a modular-based framework for an integrated and cohesive platform for delivery of digital services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

Speed that Citizens Demand

Having presented their governance models at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year and establishing relationships with the likes of UNICEF and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), OS City are now responding to governments needs for existing software reuse alongside faster new technology deployment with a lower development cost.

Jesus Cepeda, CEO of OS City, believes such innovation has to come from outside our current political structures because “…our decision-makers, our governments, are unable to: grab city-wide perspectives, move at the speed that citizens demand, and understand what is best in terms of societal, environmental and economic actions.”

Cepeda’s assertions appear to be confirmed by the results of OS City’s GovTech solutions being integrated into local and national services at a time when trust in most governing bodies is at a low ebb. Examples of which include:

  • Bahia Blanca, Argentina – First city in Latin America to introduce Blockchain implementation for securing arts and culture subsidies.
  • Teresina, Brazil – Digitising stakeholder data and using Blockchain for improvements to mass transit.
  • Chile National Government – Using Blockchain to generate tamper-proof records in public procurement, contracting and energy.
  • Guadalupe, Mexico – Increasing citizen participation by 24x, while shortening official response time from 2 weeks average to immediate.

According to Cepeda, OS City benefited from the support of ETCLabs providing “…fantastic geographical and technical advantages…to increase our technological offering, but also for our business to build traction in terms of capital formation.”