Ethereum SmartLinks to QTUM

Ethereum SmartLinks to QTUM

The team behind recently launched 2key, a second layer protocol on Ethereum that fuses smart contracts and provides tracking of HTTP links to create a more informative referral network on the blockchain, has announced a new partnership with Singapore-based Qtum.

The 2key Network, who released their SmartSessions app to enable crypto payments via Zoom calls to coincide with their launch earlier this month, have now collaborated with Qtum to highlight the effectiveness of the company’s SmartLinks product.

Cryptographic SmartLink

By cryptographically recording interactions within the link, 2key’s SmartLink stores and tracks the spread of information as well as incentivising participants and affiliates through the use of smart contracts.

For demonstration purposes we have created a SmartLink here via 2key’s promotion to the Qtum’s offline staking update.

The appeal of such links for any referral campaign organiser are that they greatly reduce the risk of fraudulent use and remove the headache of constantly monitoring the activity and related traffic across all digital channels.

With SmartLink, the originator selects a reward split model of their choice so each person in the referral chain receives a fraction of that particular marketing campaign’s budget each time a link is clicked.

The company use artificial intelligence (AI) to score individual referrer’s reputation by rewarding high performers registered on the 2key Network with 2KEY tokens and penalising spammers.

While the initial sale of the 2KEY token raised less than the $1.4 million expected, the secondary market has responded with interest showing respectable volume in ETH trading pairs at the Bilaxy, Hotbit, and KyberSwap exchanges. Hotbit also offer a 2KEY/BTC pairing and a similar trade will go live at the Bithumb exchange on 1 June.