Europe’s New Blockchain Association

Europe’s New Blockchain Association

Institutions from the blockchain industry have formed a new professional association to raise awareness and drive adoption of the technology and wider ecosystem in Europe. According to Ark – an open source blockchain and one of the founding members – L’Association pour le développement des actifs numériques (ADAN) intend to consult with public authorities, industry leaders and private bodies to promote the use of digital assets and related activities.

Seeking to establish a common position on the substantive topics concerning digital assets, a press release from ADAN explains that, with the passing of the PACTE law in 2019, “France has adopted one of the most suitable frameworks in the world for blockchain and digital assets…[yet]…It is crucial that France and Europe work to grow their digital asset sector, for economic but also political reasons.” 

Founding Members

The founding members of ADAN are named as ARK, Blockchain Partner, Coinhouse, Coinhouse Custody Services, Consensys France, iExec, Kaiko, Ledger, LGO, Nomadic Labs, and Woorton.

Drawn from the realms of exchanges, brokers, hardware, protocols, decentralised applications and platforms the group represent a broad spectrum from across the blockchain sector.

Speaking on the formation of the Association, ARK’s President, François Thoorens, said “Our work will be crucial in helping to represent, advise, influence and drive awareness amongst everyone from government bodies to the private sector.”

Simon Polrot, President of ADAN, praised the efforts of existing organisations that “…have given impetus to initiatives at the highest level of the State, which have enabled the creation of one of the most suitable legal framework in the world.” He believes ADAN now has the opportunity to “…professionalise these efforts and intensify them in France, of course, but also at the European level.”

ADAN will shortly be holding an event in Paris called “Digital Assets: opportunities for France and Europe” to officially launch the Association. Any interested parties in attending the event or joining the association are invited to contact ADAN directly.