Extended Reality Comes to the Blockchain

Extended Reality Comes to the Blockchain

Right now one of the hottest trends in the ICO space is virtual reality. A host of innovative startups are using the ICO model to build what is widely seen as the next big shift in digital entertainment.

Football legend Ronaldinho is the spokesman for the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin ICO (previously World Soccer Coin). In addition to hosting football matches and running a platform for sports betting, the project hopes to to create virtual reality stadiums for both training and entertainment.

However, whilst there is plenty of excitement around the technology, there are still unsolved issues in the business model. One particular conundrum is how do you actually monetise virtual reality content? 

Extended Reality

One ICO currently doing the rounds believes it may have found the solution. Trivver is redesigning how advertising can work in what is referred to as an Extended reality (XR) environment. XR combines virtual reality (VR) with something known as augmented reality – the blending of digital technology with real-life physical objects.

The idea is to supplant traditional digital advertising – clumsy banners and annoying pop-ups – with an advertising exchange that is stocked with 3D-branded objects which adjust intelligently to their XR environment. The hope is that the technology will allow marketing campaigns  to blend better with their environments and become more efficient and less intrusive in the process.

Trivver recently announced a partnership with Immersive Entertainment, the creators of Virtual Universe, an “epic MMORPG story-driven adventure set within a living Virtual Reality world.”

For Immersive Entertainment’s CEO, Ciaran Foley, the partnership is “a natural evolution of XR entertainment.” Now brands can “participate in the platform and the player’s experience in a way that is seamless and natural.” Trivver’s technology makes the advertising both “unobtrusive and fun,” which represents “a win for the brands and a win for the players.”