Game of Thrones Star Backs Vegan Cryptocurrency

Game of Thrones Star Backs Vegan Cryptocurrency

Actor Jerome Flynn, perhaps better known as Sir Bron of the Blackwater from the HBO Games of Thrones series, has declared allegiance to VeganNation and their native cryptocurrency, VeganCoin.

Despite playing a ruthless yet talented mercenary, known as a sellsword, in the hit TV show, Flynn himself is more aligned with animal rights and vegan ethics which he recently discussed at length with the U.K’s Daily Mail newspaper.

A Way of Life

Speaking about Game of Thrones, Flynn told the Mail that “In terms of the allegory and the metaphor of the human condition and the warring families getting together and collaborating to fight a bigger power – That’s what vegan people are doing around the world!”

VeganNation’s promotional material relays a similar message that “Veganism is a way of life, not just a diet” and the company are looking to utilise blockchain technology to track food, clothes and other products to ensure they are cruelty free. Smart contracts on the platform will inform the consumer exactly how the product they purchased was handled, guaranteeing an ethical chain of supply.

A strong community element is proposed to be part of the ecosystem, achieved by building a food sharing platform designed so individual members can provide host or take-out vegan meal options.

Editorial content and an E-commerce section will also be included, opening the way for small business owners, farmers and other service providers to connect with their target market.

VeganCoin (VCN) is Ethereum-based and the token sale is currently ongoing. Applicants will need to register and complete KYC and AML procedures.