Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Opens For Testing

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Opens For Testing

Today, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), will be opening its doors to a limited number of users to register with the platform.

When registration opens at 12:00 UTC, only the first one hundred applications will be guaranteed access. After that, another two hundred users will be selected from the pool of remaining applicants, with priority given to GBX account holders holding a minimum of $1,000 of the platform’s RKT token in their accounts.

Users will be eligible for incentives for testing the platform and providing feedback on usability. Zero trading fees will apply and RKT (the platform’s native token) will also be distributed as bonuses as a function of trading volume.

Exchange and ICO Launch Platform

In addition to an exchange, GBX also intends to offer an ICO launch pad service where the platform will provide guidance to project teams as they set out to organise their own token sales. To achieve this, the company has formed a “Sponsor Firm network” that consists of professional advisors from a range of fields in industry to assist in the process.

Industry sponsors include start-up accelerator and incubator Iconiq Lab, community management advisors AmaZix and fintech investors True Global Ventures.

GBX are confident these Sponsor Firms also act as a benefit to traders as well as the ICOs themselves because they conduct in-depth due diligence, tokenomics and project viability on each project before the application reaches the GBX trading platform.

Nick Cowan, CEO of GBX, said “We have successfully launched the GBX GRID, which has already hosted its first token sale, and are continuously adding promising blockchain businesses and solutions providers to our Sponsor Firms network.”

GBX brought their RKT token to market in a February ICO that raised the target $27 million over two days following a successful pre-sale that netted an additional $21 million.

Currently, the token price is hovering just above the ICO sale price of 1 RKT = $0.10.