Google To Ban Cryptocurrency and ICO Ads From June 2018

Google To Ban Cryptocurrency and ICO Ads From June 2018

Google has announced that, like Facebook, it will ban advertising related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs. However, the ban will only come into effect from June. 

The ban is not focussed on cryptocurrencies specifically, but on all products that are unregulated and associated with speculative investing.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges also Banned

A blog post and a more formal statement from the world’s leading search engine explain in detail the new advertising policy.

As of June 2018, no advertising will be allowed for binary options and synonymous products or for cryptocurrencies and related content. This includes initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets and crypto trading advise.

The rules for CFDs (contracts for difference), rolling spot forex and financial spread betting are more relaxed. While aggregators and affiliates will not be allowed to serve ads for these products, the issuers of these products will be able to serve ads if they are certified.

Certified advertisers will need to be licensed with relevant financial services authorities and comply be relevant laws.

Unregulated financial products have for a long time attracted bad actors who use misleading advertising to lure less discerning investors into fraudulent or misleading schemes. In 2017, Google removed more than 3.2 billion ads, including 62 million ‘trick-to-click’ ads.