Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood’s Latest Convert to Bitcoin

Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood’s Latest Convert to Bitcoin

It is one of the more unusual tweets that one might come across on Twitter. Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow sent out a tweet to her 2.8 million followers linking to an article – hosted on her own company’s website – which carries the title “The Basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency”.

So is Paltrow now the latest celebrity espousing the benefits of a decentralised monetary system? That we don’t know, although Paltrow does act as advisor to the Abra ICO, a project which is setting out to create a broad range of services which simplify access to cryptocurrencies.

One aspect of the Abra project is a smart phone app that allows users to create an account linked to their credit card which in turn provides access to – along with wallet management services for – just over two dozen leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

It is thought that the 46 year-old actress approached the Abra team to propose a business partnership earlier in the year, after having been impressed by a presentation of its project during an episode of Planet of the Apps.

It is not clear, however, if Paltrow negotiated her rate in fiat or project native token.