After All the High Drama, Binance Finally Lists WePower

After All the High Drama, Binance Finally Lists WePower

It was arguably one of the more bizarre announcements made by Binance in recent times. In early March, the Binance team released a statement explaining its decision not to list WePower or Elastos, after the two had projects had gone head-to-head in a race for a free listing on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

With Elastos accused in some quarters of voter manipulation, and both Elastos and WePower thought to have been rebuked for having incentivised their followers to vote for them in Binance’s sixth “Community Coin of the Month” competition, the eventual free listing was handed to third-placed Zilliqa. 

Binance Backtracking?

“This has all been handled rather badly by Binance,” one WePower investor stated at the time. A few hours ago, however, it appears that Binance has gone back on its original decision not to list WePower.  The WPR token is now available on the cryptocurrency exchange platform to trade in both BTC and ETH. 

Apart from a simple acknowledgement of the listing, there appears to have been no other comment from the WePower team on the latest development within its Telegram announcements channel

Nor is it known if today’s WePower listing is the result of a new commercial arrangement between Binance and the green energy startup, or Binance simply backtracking on its original decision. At the time of publication, Elastos remains unlisted.