Hotel Bookings Hit NEO Blockchain as Travala Releases New Alpha

Hotel Bookings Hit NEO Blockchain as Travala Releases New Alpha

One of NEO’s most recent ICOs,, has just revealed version 2.0 of Alpha which allows users to make hotel bookings through its blockchain-based platform.

As well as boutique and family-run guest houses, the site enables travellers to book with global hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt using the AVA token.

Initial reaction has been positive with Twitter users commenting on the savings which can be compared to other, more established hotel-search sites.



The concentration on deals in Vietnam follows the roadmap which specified an initial rollout in South-East Asia and Australia before advancing into Europe and the Americas next year.

Rebranded from Concierge and launched in an ICO which raised around $2.6 million in April this year, Travala chose to develop a NRP-5 compliant token on the NEO blockchain for the speed and volume of transactions.

The platform itself operates a centralised front-end that allows hotel operators to easily edit and update their listings alongside a decentralised backend that acts as a transparent and secure booking site.

With a free business model that offers vendors 0% booking and commission fees, the company appear to have successfully reduced costs for both the hotel and tourist.

Currently trading at around a third of its ICO price of $0.35, AVA is available on the Switcheo Network.