Hurify’s IoT Platform Attracts Surge in Investor Interest

Hurify’s IoT Platform Attracts Surge in Investor Interest

Hurify is the latest ICO entering into the IoT arena, and gathering momentum amongst investors. The Token sale ends on the 28th February and has seen a surge in interest over the past week. The ICO’s Telegram group now has nearly 90,000 members, with 7,000 of those members joining in the last twenty-four hours alone. 

Hurify is building a decentralized platform to aid the prototyping of IoT (internet of things) products. This is far from the first IoT blockchain project – several IoT platforms including Modulum, HDac, IOTA, Exxor and Loomia have already held token sales to fund development with DataBroker DAO coming to market in March.

New Industry Emerging

While many blockchain projects are seeking to disrupt legacy industries, IoT – the Internet of Things, essentially wireless devices that communicate with other systems over networks – is itself a new industry. Each of these projects is, therefore, attempting to break new ground.

In the case of Hurify, the team are seeking to give developers and project managers access to talent as well as remote hardware to prototype and test their product ideas.

This may turn out to be a smart move – rather than taking on the entire IoT industry, the project is building its own niche focussed on prototyping. Anyone wanting to make use of the platform will be required to own HUR tokens, while service providers will earn tokens for completing tasks.

The Canada based company has set its hard cap at 25,000 Ethereum which makes it a moving target – but currently equates to $22 million. With over 80,000 interested investors thought to be contributing to the project, achieving that target should be fairly straightforward.