ICO Aims to Put a Tesla Charger in Every Garden

ICO Aims to Put a Tesla Charger in Every Garden

According to a study by Bloomberg, at some point over the next 20 years, electric cars will become more common than petrol vehicles. Meanwhile, the French government has promised to completely eradicate both petrol and diesel-fuelled cars by 2040.

While this may be good news for the environment, there are many infrastructure issues to be ironed out. Not least, where is the electricity for all these cars going to come from?

Colorado startup Charg Coin think they have the answer: from regular people’s houses. Their Charg App aims to create an ecosystem for the sale and purchase of electricity. 

“An AirBnB for Power”

The app will provide drivers with all known locations of commercial charging stations. However, it’s when drivers are not near an official station that the app comes into its own. The app plans to feature the locations of non-commercial charging stations offered by regular citizens. In other words, it will serve as an AirBnB-type service for power.

If you already have a charging station in your house then Charg can bring you into their marketplace with an adaptable smart plug. On the other hand, if you don’t have a charging station at home but are happy for strangers to turn up at your home demanding electricity, Charg will sort you out with its Charg Kit.

Drivers will be able to pay with their phones and Ethereum smart contracts will do the rest.

The ambitious start-up believes it will reshape “the transitioning 11.6 trillion dollar fuel industry.” Charg Coin is currently available from the company’s ongoing ICO. 

Certainly they seem in good hands. Founder Josef Kulovany describes himself on LinkedIn as having a “renaissance-man skill set” which, combined with his “cutting edge understanding of business” will lead to Charg becoming the dominant leader in its field. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, some may be tempted to reply.