ICO Delays Due to CryptoKitties Congestion

ICO Delays Due to CryptoKitties Congestion


SophiaTX has delayed its token sale due to concerns that the Ethereum blockchain is now too congested with … fully grown adults buying and selling virtual cats.

Virtual cat trading marketplace CryptoKitties launched last week and has proved to be something of an unexpected hit with unexpected consequences for the Ethereum network. The number of transactions has noticeably increased since the Cryptokitties launch with the Ethereum mempool experiencing noticeable delays.

Transaction times are currently averaging in the minutes for a blockchain whose protocol aims for a block turn-around time of 16 seconds.

SophiaTX Delay

SophiaTX, an upcoming ICO that is seeking to integrate blockchain technology with the popular business enterprise SAP application, was originally planned for December 5th but has been pushed back for two days.

In a statement the SophiaTX team said they wanted to avoid “very long waiting times” for the “large number of participants” they expected to attract to their token sale.

While some have celebrated CryptoKitties, a breakout hit which is raising awareness of the Blockchain and teaching people how to deal in Ether, others have argued that it has exposed Ethereum as not ready for mass adoption.

At the ICO conference Token Summit II, developer Joseph Poon, the co-author of Plasma, a proposal to help with Ethereum scaling, said that to solve cryptocurrencies’ issues with high fees and scalability, “everyone in this space should be putting the pedal to the metal on experimentation.” Fortunately, nothing motivates internet innovation like cute cats.