ICON Blockchain For Human Resources

ICON Blockchain For Human Resources

ICONLOOP, the technical development arm of ICON (ICX), have recently announced an agreement with South Korea’s Saramin HR to build a blockchain-based digital ID and authentication ecosystem for human resources purposes. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two entities was signed to develop one of Asia’s leading job placement platforms using ICON’s blockchain certificate issuance and management service “broof” and digital identity product “MyID”.

In addition to the employment portal for the job seeker, Saramin – who are listed on the traditional South Korean Trading Exchange KOSDAQ – offer a range of HR and employment related functions for companies including a headhunter service and database management.

Real-World Blockchain Adoption

Speaking on the new agreement, Jong Hyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, confidently predicted that “…blockchain technology based on its stability and transparency will make a big change in the field of human resource management.” With Saramin and those interacting with the job portal utilising ICON, Jong Hyup Kim believes the platform “…will be an important case of real-world blockchain adoption.”

Supporters of the ICON project on social media were quick to promote the new agreement and although their choice of highlighting the need for broof was light-hearted, the forgery of educational certificates is a real, worldwide problem.

ICONLOOP’s broof product was put to the test last week when staff at South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) issued their 828 new graduates with their diplomas with a QR code linked to the ICON blockchain. The service allows for the issuance, management and viewing of authenticated documents on the network.

Broof has a number of use cases and in August 2019, ICONLOOP successfully recorded the ownership details of co-purchased works of art through a partnership with the Yeolmae Company.