Iconiq Sets Sale From Gibraltar’s Crypto Harbour

Iconiq Sets Sale From Gibraltar’s Crypto Harbour

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), has launched the Iconiq (ICNQ) sale through its ICO launch-pad division.

Iconiq, which bills itself as the world’s first decentralised venture capital group, is the latest project to launch on the GBX platform which completed its own ICO earlier this year in a token sale that sold out within 10 seconds.


Gibraltar’s government and Financial Services Commission (GFSC) have provided a blockchain-friendly legislative framework that has seen the tiny British Overseas Territory become a “Crypto Harbour” that actively seeks promsing new blockchain ventures.

According to GBX, they have committed to the new project because “The Iconiq Group are building a premier digital asset management ecosystem, establishing trusted financial vehicles, and creating business opportunities for investors in the blockchain space.”

The ecosystem is comprised of Iconiq Lab, Iconiq Fund and Iconiq Media. While the Lab acts as an ICO accelerator for fledgling projects and an investor club for token holders, the Fund component will issue and manage digital asset index funds through an Asset Manager as a Service (AMaaS) platform. All projects are then provided with a marketing infrastructure through Iconiq’s media arm which provides event hosting, publishing and podcasting.

The ICNQ token sale is scheduled to run until the end of the month, or until hard cap is reached.