Increasing Adoption of WAX Blockchain

Increasing Adoption of WAX Blockchain

DappRadar’s recently released Q1 2020 Flash Report provides an overview of the various dapp ecosystems, and confirms the continued dominance of Ethereum and Tron within the industry. But it also specifically highlights the progress made by WAX in attracting active users.

According to DappRadar’s blockchain monitoring data, WAX has enjoyed steady growth that now places it comfortably ahead of challengers such as NEO, IOST, and Waves, as well as gaining ground on the much larger EOS.

Growing Alliances

WAX, more formally known as Worldwide Asset eXchange, saw an active start to the year by forming a key infrastructure partnership with Chainlink, and building an alliance with legacy trading card company Topps which holds the licences for brand names such as MLB, Star Wars, WWE, and Garbage Pail Kids.

Being part of the growing cross-chain gaming world, where players can utilise the blockchain of their choice, is also part of WAX’s growth strategy as can be seen by the inclusion of WAX in games such as 0xWarriors and Dark Country.

In a recent video, WAX Co-Founder and CEO William Quigley, took a realistic view at one potential growth areas for the gaming world – Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs):

In dismissing much of the hype around NFTs, Quigley indicated how his own business and investment experiences have guided WAX’s focus on simplifying the process for those entering the blockchain sphere and building a sustainable platform.

Elsewhere, in terms of daily active wallets, Ethereum boasts a yearly increase of 64% and a 371% jump in USD value. Tron can also look towards a respectable 15% wallet growth. However, it has suffered in terms of USD value, registering a fall of 85%. The last of the ‘big three’, EOS, saw a crash in daily activity of 74%.