IOTA Lead Developer: “We want slow growth, not crazy growth that has no basis in reality”

IOTA Lead Developer: “We want slow growth, not crazy growth that has no basis in reality”

Dutchman Eric Hop, a freelance software developer of forty years and arguably the IOTA project’s highest profile developer, has outlined his plans for the future growth of the Qubic project.

Qubic has been described as a second generation IOTA technology. Whereas the IOTA project itself is setting out to use a localised blockchain-type concept to serve as a medium of exchange between intelligent machines in a potential future machine economy, the team behind Qubic – headed by Hop – is seeking to create a new layer on top of the IOTA protocol that will allow for cloud-based smart contract-type capabilities.

Qubic to Include Incentive Mechanisms

We have now 80 developers working on IOTA projects,” Hop stated in an interview with British podcast CryptoPulse, when discussing the project’s overall growth. However, the Qubic project’s senior product manager stated that he only wants to see “slow growth” from the project, “not crazy growth that has no [basis in] reality,” adding that the bubble of late 2017/2018 “was pure emotional FOMO.”

Hop, who joined the IOTA project in April of this year, also provided further details during the interview on the Qubic project’s development roadmap, hinting that the final product will provide incentive mechanisms for the general public to outsource their unused computing power to the Qubic network in exchange for payments in IOTA.

Hop has stated in previous interviews that he joined with the IOTA Foundation as it offered “the potential to change the world for the better by decentralizing the current power structures.”