IOTA’s Head of Engineering Publishes Full List of Tangle R&D Projects

IOTA’s Head of Engineering Publishes Full List of Tangle R&D Projects

In response to recent criticism emerging from some quarters recently about a lack of transparency on some aspects of IOTA’s development roadmap, the IOTA’s head of engineering, Edward Greve, has responded today by publishing a full list on the IOTA foundation’s official blog of the team’s current development projects. 

The list – which outlines eighteen separate IOTA sub-projects – provides a brief overview only of what those projects involve, with the Greve promising further details later on. 

Range of Initiatives

Among the items on that list are Exchange Hub, an initiative that is seeking to minimise turn-around time for integration of the IOTA currency on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Greve, the project is “already in closed beta with several exchanges” and will reduce exchange integration time from months to “days or weeks instead of months.”

Also discussed are IOTA’s development of a npm/Javascript library which some analysts see as key in promoting mass adoption of the cryptocurrency among web-based services. 

Greve also refers to some upcoming documentation that will be seeking to provide a full-spec of the IOTA technology – likely to allay fears in some quarters that the technology is seen as incomplete by some analysts – which will include details on the Tangle technology’s consensus mechanism which will likely be seen as key in terms of the project’s ability to offer scalability.