John McAfee Publicises His Latest Endorsement…With a Tattoo On His Back

John McAfee Publicises His Latest Endorsement…With a Tattoo On His Back

The ever-eccentric John McAfee has taken things a step further than he usually does – if that were possible – publicising his latest coin endorsement by having it tattooed to his back.

It is not the first time that the controversial figure has performed an unusual marketing stunt to draw attention to a cryptocurrency-based project.

In June of 2018, McAfee, former founder of the world’s first antivirus software and a former NASA computer programmer, announced his intention to run as a candidate for the President of the United States – with a gun nestled by his midriff whilst advocating use of blockchain polling app ClearPoll.

Skycoin Proposition

Skycoin is a project that is setting out to create a P2P network grafted as a new layer on top of the existing internet.

Through its custom hardware which acts as service nodes across its network, the SkyCoin project claims that it will be able to offer a scalable, censorship-resistant alternative to the internet which respects the privacy of its users.

The project team’s hope is that, eventually, through mass adoption, the Skycoin network will be able to entirely supplant the existing internet with Skycoin becoming the internet’s de-facto native currency.

Skycoin is currently trading at just over $3.04, having risen 8% over the last twenty-four hours, most likely a result of McAfee’s publicity stunt.