Dock the Latest ICO to Attract Surge of Investor Interest

Dock the Latest ICO to Attract Surge of Investor Interest

The latest ICO attracting a surge in interest from token investors is blockchain start-up Dock, whose white-paper proposes a decentralised data exchange protocol.

The pre-sale, however, has already raised $12 million of the $20 million it is seeking and, going by recent trends with other ICOs generating similar interest, this appears likely to result in a cancellation of the main sale which is otherwise due to begin on February 21st. 

Blockchain Data Hub

The Dock Telegram group now has 58,000 members, making it one of the top ten ICO groups on the messaging app. The surge in members over the last several days appears to have been prompted in part by rumours of an imminent closing of its whitelist.

Dock is hoping to solve the problem of what its project team calls ‘data hoarding’ by professional networks. Many individuals have profiles and employment histories on numerous websites, but often this data is out of date. The Dock protocol will allow professional networking platforms to purchase data from each other in real time, enabling each of them to display updated data.

While the initial use case may appear limited, the company anticipates a new ecosystem being built around the platform. This would include applicant tracking systems, job marketplaces and HR management systems.

Users will have control over which platforms have access to their data, although the native DOCK token will not be used to incentivise the sharing of data. In other words, users will not be able to ‘sell’ their data. The token economy will primarily involve platforms and applications collaborating together as part of larger, blockchain-based virtual data hub.