Laurence Fishburne Enters the Blockchain Matrix

Laurence Fishburne Enters the Blockchain Matrix

Laurence Fishburne, the actor who played Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy, is to host an episode of the popular educational program Behind the Scenes which will look at the disruptive technology of blockchain and the possible impact it will have on business and the wider society.

With a biography that includes cinematic hits such as John Wick 2 and Mystic River, television dramas such as CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, as well as stage performances in The Lion in Winter and Thurgood, Fishburne is said by the producers to bring “…unmistakable gravitas and weighty screen presence [that] anchors the program and its educational messaging.”

Different Fields of Blockchain

Previous episodes of Behind the Scenes have focused on the evolution of the information age with discussions around the development of the internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and global communications.

While exact details of the blockchain episode have yet to be disclosed, the production company’s press release suggests it will touch upon cryptocurrency in general and it will investigate changes in “different fields” that “…are impacting the competitive landscape of the global economy, changing how information is shared and stored.” 

According to the Behind The Scenes website they will “…keep audiences engaged, inspired, and informed, with stories that resonate with viewers on the latest developments throughout the world.”

Undoubtedly, Fishburne does have the widely-recognisable persona to reach the general public and any content that alerts them to the myriad of transformations that are taking hold within the FinTech, supply chain, governance, personal data and other areas of commerce and information is to be welcomed.

However, for those already employed within the industry, and wishing to find visual stimulus while waiting for Fishburne’s take on blockchain to hit the screens, they may benefit by watching leading philosopher Andreas Antonopoulos‘ latest video for a more in-depth analysis of where blockchain development stands today.