LinkedIn Report Highlights Exponential Growth in Demand for Blockchain Skills

LinkedIn Report Highlights Exponential Growth in Demand for Blockchain Skills


LinkedIn’s annual Emerging Jobs Report, published December 13th, has indicated that the growth in employer demand for blockchain skills in 2018 has far outstripped that of any other industry.

The report, which focuses exclusively on the US job market, demonstrates that, whilst crypto markets were losing 90% of their value over the same period, the demand for Blockchain skills such as Solidity – a programming language which powers smart contracts on Ethereum – grew by a factor of at least thirty.

IBM, Consensys and Chainyard were listed as the top employers for blockchain skillsets whilst San Francisco, New York and Atlanta were identified as hotspots of demand.

Demand Outstrips Supply

Since the explosion of ICOs in 2017, industry analysts have observed a severe shortage in developers with strong experience in blockchain development.

The report from LinkedIn is arguably the first study of its kind that provides quantitative insight into the depth of that shortage, and likely indicates that blockchain skills acquisition could make for a lucrative career route at least over the shorter-term.

The explosion in demand for blockchain skills (x33) far outstripped that of other burgeoning fields such as Artificial Intelligence (x12) and Data Science (x6) which had been identified as the leading growth skill of 2017.

LinkedIn has not compiled a similar country report for the UK jobs market, but Australian readers may want to note that a similar study has been published for their own region.