LinkedIn’s Binance Profiles are Fake, Warns CEO

LinkedIn’s Binance Profiles are Fake, Warns CEO

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, better known by his initials CZ, has sent a message to his followers on social media this afternoon, warning of the large number of fraudulent professional profiles on Linkedin claiming to be employees of Binance itself, along with a number of examples of the kind of scams that such profiles have been engaged in.

Highlighting that there are over 500 fake profiles on the world’s leading professional social network claiming to be employees of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, CZ points out that – as a matter of in-house policy – Binance employees who work with its listings services do not list their employer.

Most profiles listing Binance as an employer claim to be either traders or investors, in an attempt to lure ICO projects and individuals via private messages into paying for so-called advisory services that include the promise of a listing of their project on the platform or access to lucrative “insider” information.

Binance has also been combatting fraudulent imitation accounts on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook in recent months along with phishing emails and Trojan software designed to infiltrate user accounts since the platform first launched in July of 2017.

To date, however, there has been no serious breach of the platform which currently carries just over 500 staff on its books.