Litecoin Brings Crypto Payments to Atari

Litecoin Brings Crypto Payments to Atari

The Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit organisation promoting the adoption of the cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC), have announced a partnership with the legendary videogame producer Atari.

According to the Foundation, the new deal will be multi-faceted and will lead to Litecoin being used “…across gaming platforms within the Atari ecosystem, along with other potential ventures, such as joint merchandising.”

Classic Age

Originally founded in 1972, Atari was a pioneer in home computers as well as arcade and video games.

Most people of a certain age can recall their first interaction on an Atari machine with classic gaming titles such as Pong or Asteroids – and that apparently includes the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee.

As Lee mentions, the partnership will see LTC being accepted as a means of payment for the new Atari VCS game console and will entitle the purchaser to a discount on the retail price. The PC/console hybrid is suitable for gaming and streaming but also allows users to develop and upload their own games and apps.

The Atari brand has already established payment channels with cryptocurrencies through the pre-launch sale of their own Atari token that is expected to go live in September 2020. Arranged through the company’s Gibraltar-based subsidiary Atari Chain, the token will be initially used in casino type games before being extended out to other use cases.