McAfee to Use 2020 Presidency Bid as “Platform for Crypto”

McAfee to Use 2020 Presidency Bid as “Platform for Crypto”

In a video published this morning to his Twitter account, the ever unconventional John McAfee – with handgun nestled by his midriff – announced his intention to use his 2020 US presidential bid as a general platform for espousing cryptocurrency and crypto-based technologies.

Stating that he “will be including as much of the cryptocurrency world as I can into the political process,” McAfee cited some examples of blockchain technology that he believed would be of benefit to his campaign, including ClearPoll, a blockchain-based voting app which allows for “freedom of expression” and “freedom from manipulation of the media.”

Hollywood Biopic

The 2020 POTUS campaign is not the first presidential bid from the man behind the world’s first commercial anti-virus software, having also run a campaign for the White House in 2016.

McAfee’s political positions are largely thought to be libertarian in outlook, having previously been associated with the Libertarian Party in the US from whom he had also sought nomination for the 2016 POTUS campaign. He is also known for his strong criticisms of US foreign policy.

The eccentric millionaire is also thought to be the subject of an upcoming biopic in which he will be played by Johnny Depp. It is thought the film will focus on his time living in Bélize which, according to one documentary, allegedly saw McAfee embroiled in the criminal underworld of the Central American country before his later departure.