TOM Inc. Setting Out to Tokenise Manga Culture

TOM Inc. Setting Out to Tokenise Manga Culture

A manga and anime-based token, the Otaku coin, will be unleashed on the public next spring by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc (TOM). The Otaku coin will be a currency to be used within the realms of Japanese anime, gaming and manga.

While TOM has stressed the need to preserve and contribute to the established artistic sensibilities over profit, the exact aim of the ICO will only be published after consultations with industry members and public focus groups.

Blockchain Otaku

The coin itself will be designed to incentivise the production of anime series, participation in manga conventions and will also be accepted for a wide range of merchandising.

Parent company TOM says its vision is to “deliver happiness to the world through otaku culture.”

While Japan is seen as being the vanguard for distributed ledger technology and widely accepted cryptocurrencies, the precise appeal of a token-based Otaku eco-system remains to be seen. 

Silicon Valley based ICO advisory company AnyPay will join TOM as partners focusing on legal and tax issues.

Renowned anime journalist Tadashi Sudo and anime producer Taro Maki have been appointed as the advisors to the project and updates on the project, in both English and Japanese, can be followed through their Telegram and Facebook pages.