Mattereum Seeks Out Captain Kirk

Mattereum Seeks Out Captain Kirk

Actor William Shatner, most widely known for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the TV series and movie franchise Star Trek, has announced he is onboard with legaltech firm Mattereum in promoting the company’s Asset Passport Technology which employs smart contracts to authenticate collectible items.

The first piece of memorabilia to go live on the system is a boxed figure of Captain James Kirk in Casual Attire that has been autographed by William Shatner. A digital record will be stored on the blockchain’s immutable ledger to confirm the figure came from the actor’s personal collection.

Legally Enforceable Contracts

The Mattereum protocol set out with the stated aim of turning computer code into legally enforceable contracts. A feature of the protocol is the Mattereum Smart Property Register that allows for the creation of a so-called asset passport that records the validity of title, valuation and other provenance information, as well the assets governance rules.

When applied to collectible items, William Shatner succinctly summed up the idea as “A chip, a token, my signature, and a number. One of a kind.”

The record stored on the blockchain was described in a recent blog post by Mattereum CEO, Vinay Gupta, as a “digital twin” and that “Mattereum is weaving the digital and physical together in a new way.” 

Rob Knight, Mattereum’s Chief Technical Officer, stressed the lawful aspect of the protocol by stating “Claims about our Asset Passports are legally binding, so you can be confident that they’re accurate – it’s true, or you can sue.”

According to Gupta though, verifying that assets are genuine is just a first step for the company and they will soon showcase how their blockchain systems can be used for “…effortless, elegant trade, transfer, track and trace, even physical search.”

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