Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert Headline the Sun Exchange Green Energy ICO

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert Headline the Sun Exchange Green Energy ICO

Television personalities and economic analysts Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert have become advisors to the South African-based ICO, Sun Exchange.

Through the Keiser Report broadcasts on RT News, Max and Stacey have reached audiences worldwide with their thoughtful insights and vocal tirades against financial and political injustices.

With a documented history of crypto-evangelism focusing on the benefits of decentralised currency and organisations, supporting an ICO dedicated to the equitable distribution of sustainable energy appears to be a natural progression for the married couple. 

Speaking in her capacity as CEO of Heisenberg Capital (HC), Stacey said that “The decentralised and distributed nature of the Sun Exchange platform and service perfectly compliments Heisenberg Capital’s investment philosophy to liberate the world from the centralised legacy cartels currently strangling the global economy, whether in the energy sector or the banking industry.”

Award Winning Team Pilot UN Solar Project

The Sun Exchange is a marketplace that enables its members to purchase and then micro-lease solar cells to schools, businesses, hospitals and communities through solar project crowd sales.

Their approach to solar finance received the Mondato Award for Social Impact in Sub Saharan Africa and the company been named the best Blockchain Business in Africa at the African Fintech Awards for the past two years running.

A United Nations Development Program also recently selected Sun Exchange to pilot blockchain-based solar finance in Moldova.

Max Keiser, Founder & CIO of Heisenberg Capital, sees these renewable energy projects as “…a natural extension of the benefits of blockchain technology” and “In the capacity of advisory, HC hopes to continue to build awareness of Sun Exchange and the role renewables play in moving economies forward sustainably and equitably.”

The company initially launched on Mr Keiser’s cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform, StartJoin, and is now launching its own token, SUNEX at a rate of 1USD per SUNEX and is available for purchase through to July 31.