McAfee Twitter Account Hacked on Back of Daily Coin Recommendation

McAfee Twitter Account Hacked on Back of Daily Coin Recommendation

John McAfee, cybersecurity specialist and advisor to BitIndia, added his own brand of excitement to the tail end of 2017 by announcing his favourite coins via his half a million followers on Twitter.

His initial plan to tweet one coin a day was scaled back to just once a week after accusations of his intentions having the makings of a pump and dump scheme became rife.

Twitter Hack

McAfee also resorted to naming his choices through images rather than plain text within his tweets in order to confound automated bots which he believed were responsible for compounding price runs on his recommendations.

His early nominations included Electroneum (ETN), Burst (BURST), Digibyte (DGB), Reddcoin (RDD), Humaniq (HMQ) and Tron (TRX).

Most of his nominations have since aggressively risen in price, though some have also fallen again. 

Events took another twist on the 27th December when Mr McAfee’s Twitter account was compromised. The as yet unidentified hacker instantly started to tout his own particular favourites of digital assets.

While the style of the tweet was noticeably different they succeeded in tricking followers and the tokens recommended surged in value.

Discussing the breach with RT News, Mr McAfee admitted that, “what happened is brand new to me. They managed to hack AT&T to move my phone number to another phone.”

He went on to surmise that someone at AT&T may have been bribed and the agenda behind the attack was obvious; “the hacker recommended six different coins within six minutes and invested, I’m sure, much money beforehand into those.”