Mobius ICO Pre-Sale Attracts Record Number of Investors

Mobius ICO Pre-Sale Attracts Record Number of Investors

Mobius has completed its token pre-sale, with the company raising a total of $35 million, $10 million more than its pre-sale target, drawing in contributions from as many as 32,000 participants.

The large number of investors makes it one of the most popular pre-sales to date. As a benchmark for comparison, Sirin Labs, one of the five largest token sales of 2017, had attracted interest from 5,600 individual investors in its pre-sale stage.

Naga, which was touted as the 2017 ICO with the largest investor base, raised capital from 63,000 investors during its entire token sale. 

ICO to Finance Blockchain Protocol for non-Blockchain Developers

Mobius intends to create a protocol that allows any application, device or data stream to be integrated with blockchain ecosystems. The company is specifically targeting developers who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology.

The key component of the network is a Dapp store where developers can make applications available to users. All in-app payments will be made in the native MOBI tokens. Unlike the majority of similar projects which have been built on the Ethereum blockchain, Mobius is being built on the Stellar network.

The eventual Mobius network will be designed to be blockchain-agnostic, which Mobius hopes will allow it to become the single standard of choice amongst developers. And, if the planned Dapp store is not ambitious enough, Mobius also plans to add a machine to machine smart market where devices can trade data for micropayments.

The main token sale is scheduled for 18th January where the company hopes to sell a further 7.5 million tokens. Investors will be limited to 25,000 tokens each in order to broaden the investor base even further.

Whilst the project’s marketing campaign appears to have been a resounding success as witnessed from the interested generated during its pre-sale, one major concern for some investment analysts is that, despite an impressive team of advisors, it only lists three core team members on its website.