Monetising Your Time on the Blockchain

Monetising Your Time on the Blockchain

With large swathes of the worldwide population currently confined to their homes and facing an uncertain financial future, finding an additional source of income is on the minds of many. While universal government handouts maybe forthcoming, individuals now also have the option of exploring the monetisation of their own time via the Microsponsors platform based on the 0x protocol.

The general idea being that creators, website hosts, freelancers, or anyone with a social media presence, can create their own Ethereum-based ERC-721 non fungible token (NFT) to auction specified time slots. These NFTs will guarantee a mention, shout out, or other service for the winning bidder at an allotted time and place.

Escape Walled Gardens

Last year, Microsponsors began with the lofty goal of rebuilding Advertising Technology (AdTech) and Marketing Technology (MarTech) from the ground up to free people from the large commercial organisations who create “…walled gardens that are difficult to escape and ruthlessly exploit their behaviour and data to extract advertiser dollars.”

The first step on the road to freedom was envisioned to be a self-service peer-to-peer marketplace where niche content creators could dispense with middlemen and directly find sponsors who wanted to connect with their audience or social media circle.

Building upon 0x was a natural starting point and Microsponsors became part of protocol’s accelerator program in order to facilitate in “…the free flow of value on the internet.”

Minting an NFT – known on the platform as a native Microsponsors token (MSPT) – has a current low fee of 0.0001 ETH plus the usual network gas fee, and attracts bids from sponsors who interact via Metamask.

Potential sponsors, large and small, are able to browse the market, ask questions and place a bid for any NFT that matches their own criteria.