My Kingdom for Some Crypto: Royal Wedding Commemorated with ROYL Token

My Kingdom for Some Crypto: Royal Wedding Commemorated with ROYL Token

In preparation for “… a historic and poignant moment not just for the United Kingdom, Her Majesty’s Realms and the Commonwealth, but also for the world,” British periodical Crown and Country Magazine has announced that it will be creating a royal cryptocurrency to commemorate the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Fifty million ROYL tokens will be placed up for sale with 1 ETH fetching 500 ROYL. The sale organisers state that they will be donating half of all proceeds to three charities “formally endorsed” by Kensington Palace – Sentebale, The Invictus Games and The Royal Foundation. The remaining proceeds will be leveraged by the royal magazine for financing future royal documentary films and other marketing activities.

“Decentralized Royal Wedding Gift”

In its ten-page white-paper which carries the subtitle Decentralised Royal Wedding Gift, the project team also stipulate that the ROYL token will allow for the application of “blockchain technology to future Royal events such as weddings, births, jubilees, future Coronations and so on.”

The team is headed up by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq, Crown and Country Magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief. It also includes Dame Mervyn Redding, the magazine’s director and secretary who also serves as the British Monarchist Society’s Secretary General.

The token sale itself is being managed by ICO launchpad service, ICO Rocket, who have pointed out in the project’s Telegram channel that ownership of the ROYL token will be unlikely to result in an invite to the wedding itself. “Only if you buy enough ;-),” one admin stated.