NEO Blockchain to Host its First eSports ICO

NEO Blockchain to Host its First eSports ICO

The NEO blockchain gives life to a new eSports platform next month when Asura Coin (ASA) launches their ICO as a NEP-5 token on 2 June.

Asura Coin is aiming to be world’s first self-sustainable eSports gaming platform with betting, live streaming, matchmaking, tournaments, coaching and a community platform.

The news follows recent praise from the Chinese Government for the NEO blockchain with Asura now one of over thirty ICOs hosted on its platform, according to the NEOeconomy website. 

Competitors in Sight

In their own competitor analysis, Asura confidently claim that they outscore established Ethereum-based tokens such as Enjin and First Blood in multiple categories.

A working demo of Asura World in alpha version is available to explore and evaluate prior to contributing to the fund raiser.

The first quarter of 2019 is scheduled to see the founding Asura World Monthly Tournament, following the remainder of this year which is earmarked for testing.

Earlier this month, the company announced they were partnering with Zilla so users could whitelist directly for the sale through the Zilla App.

Asura are aiming for what appears to be a relatively modest hard cap of $12,000,000 during the public sale which is due to end on 30 June. The token price is currently set at 1 ASA to $0.0200, with staged bonuses applying and with minimum amount of 1 NEO applied for all contributions.