NEO to Undergo Rebrand as Home of the New “Smart Economy”

NEO to Undergo Rebrand as Home of the New “Smart Economy”

Project NEO has announced a $30,000 prize for designers to reinvigorate the blockchain’s website and its overall branding to better capture the theme of the “Smart Economy”.

The prize pool – payable in NEO’s GAS token – will be awarded to the top three entries in both categories, with prizes ranging from $5,800 to $1000. Smaller weekly awards of $150 will also be paid out to the two groups.


The blockchain was originally formed in 2014 and known as AntShares but changed tack last summer to become NEO, as it developed a new marketing direction as China’s premier blockchain.

This latest rebranding exercise comes as the project prepares to launch version 3.0 of their platform, which is expected to improve key technical aspects to enhance scalability.

Guidelines for the website design encourage entrants to consider “…the different user groups and their purpose for visiting the website. Design elements should communicate both the technological concepts of NEO and its community-driven nature, whilst keeping the Smart Economy vision in focus.”

Those focusing on improving the icons for at least five of the platform’s nine elements “…should contain unique elements that reference the features and roles of each concept, whilst harmonising with NEO’s visual identity.”

A detailed description of each element – NEOGas / NEOAsset / NEOContract / NEOVM / NEODevPack / NEOID / NEOFS / NEOX / NEOQS – can be found in the NEO white-paper.

Designers have until October 14th to submit their entries.