New Study Provides “Most Comprehensive Statistical Overview Yet” of ICOs

New Study Provides “Most Comprehensive Statistical Overview Yet” of ICOs

A comprehensive 147-page report from Ibinex provides what many perceive to be the most comprehensive statistical overview yet of ICO activity. The publication confirms US dominance of the ICO scene when judged in terms of both absolute numbers and funds raised, with Switzerland occupying second place for the latter metric.

When comparing sheer numbers, the USA claims almost 20% of the world’s ICOs, approximately double the percentage of second placed UK.

In terms of capital, the USA and Switzerland account for over half of all worldwide ICO funds raised, with Singapore and – perhaps surprisingly – Israel attracting a significant percentage of the remaining balance.

Europe Leading US in Terms of Adoption

The Ibenix publication also states that “…there was a total of $6,794,292,082 ICO funds raised in 2018” to date and “13.1% of 2018 ICOs targeted the finance sector, beating out all other categories,” including blockchain, media and asset management.

As well as the state of the initial coin offering market, Ibinex has looked into other aspects of digital asset markets, describing the typical Bitcoin holder as European male aged between 24-35 and adding further that, when it comes to adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, Europe is still ahead of the USA and is expected to stay there for the foreseeable future.

The report also points out that 18% of Chinese currently own cryptocurrency, whilst 45% plan to buy – despite the formal ban on ICOs and unofficial clampdown on cryptocurrency exchanges pursued by the Chinese government.