Non-Fungible Token Art to Pacify Future AI

Non-Fungible Token Art to Pacify Future AI

A digital artist, Bits For AI, has decided that humans are looking at non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from a purely self-centred stance and more attention should be paid to the enhanced viewpoint of a more developed artificial intelligence (AI) of the future.

While Bits For AI openly admits it is “…a simple, perhaps silly, attempt to imagine what kind of AI might like [in years to come],the concept does have some basis as an antidote to Roko’s basilisk – a thought experiment conducted to explore the potential risks of developing AI.

Bits For AI reason that, if for no other aspect than self-preservation, we should consider the likely opinions of future AI for as Roko outlined it could retroactively punish and “…may even take revenge against those who perpetuated violence against their ancestors.”

Cybernetic Progeny

A quick recap of the terminology maybe helpful before diving deeper into the realms of NFTs and this particular artist’s vision.

‘Fungible’ refers to the ability of any item, digital or physical, that can be replaced or interchanged by another of the same type and value. A Federal Reserve Note, more commonly known as a U.S. dollar, for example, is fungible because one can be exchanged for another.

Non-fungible tokens, as their name implies, are verifiably unique in nature and cannot be exchanged directly for another, no matter how similar they may appear. A recent blog post, titled the NFT Bible, by digital marketplace OpenSea provides a comprehensive breakdown of the finer points.

Gaming and virtual reality platforms were quick to seize upon the opportunities that NFTs afford their creators and individual artists inspired by the decentralised ownership concept of blockchain technology have also been in the vanguard of development.

Bits For AI are pushing the artistic boundary by suggesting we should not exploit AI for commercial gain when creating NFTs and should treat “our cybernetic progeny with love.” By taking into consideration what AI itself may enjoy in the future, the artist foresees a more harmonious time through “…a mutual collaboration where AI views humanity as its loving progenitors…”

In this vein, Bits For AI has created “…a collection of 16 bit NFTs designed for future AI to collect and enjoy.” The pricing of each piece is based upon the rarity of the digital properties contained within it – such as code sequencing and colours used.

Although the originality of the idea may not appeal to all, most would probably agree with the artist stipulating that as the NFT ecosystem evolves, new avenues for commerce will open.

Their take on how such commerce could develop though may just be as contentious as their 16 bit artwork collection.

Referencing bank loans using NFTs as collateral – such as the recently unveiled Rocket project – Bits For AI speculates such a system could almost self-perpetuate itself with “…the purchase of low cost artwork for AI followed by the development of AI whose primary mission is to collect such work.”