Odyssey Network ICO Sale Tops $50 Million in Just Under Two Weeks

Odyssey Network ICO Sale Tops $50 Million in Just Under Two Weeks

Singapore-based Odyssey Network’s token sale has sold out in just under two weeks, raising $50 million. This exceeded the ICO’s own hard cap target of $47.6 million.

The project’s Telegram group saw a last minute surge in numbers numbers as rumours quickly spread of the sale’s imminent closure. 

Blockchain Sprouting “Sharing Platforms”

Odyssey Network is a decentralized platform for the ‘sharing economy’ and is a joint venture between oBike and blockchain protocol TRON. oBike is itself the biggest bike-sharing network in Southeast Asia and will be migrating the Odyssey platform as it becomes the first company to operate on the new protocol.

Odyssey is also hoping to build a white-label peer-to-peer sharing platform that can accommodate any kind of industry within the sharing economy.

The sharing economy model has been taken on new momentum in the blockchain era as numerous platforms have been popping up to take on ‘legacy’ models. 

n recent months, platforms such as BeeToken, which is hoping to challenge AirBnB within the short-term rental space, and SnagRide, which is planning on operating as a blockchain alternative to Uber, have emerged as potential disruptors.

Odyssey, however, appears to be taking the proposition one step further by setting its ambition somewhat higher – becoming the go-to platform for the creation of sharing industries.  

The token sale was not open to investors from China or the US but nevertheless sold out in less than two weeks.