Ontology’s World Blockchain Tour of 81 Universities

Ontology’s World Blockchain Tour of 81 Universities

On Saturday 19th October, the team at Ontology (ONT), a cross-chain solution provider who have been active in the decentralised finance (DeFi) arena, are set to begin their Global University Workshop tour that will see them visit 81 different academic institutions on different continents. Starting at Seoul National University in South Korea, each workshop is intended to engage with students and explore the various aspects of blockchain technology.

Live lectures and tutorials along with online components will deliver a range of topics that will focus on real-use cases and include the fundamentals of business application design and “…the new opportunities available post-transformation and how to make the best of them.” 

Knowledge and Grants

In addition to introducing Ontology’s network, economy, and governance structure, the workshops will aid students in identifying existing opportunities and the creation of dApps using blockchain to fulfil the business need. For those more interested in building their own enterprises, Ontology will also discuss how to use blockchain solutions and applications to create legitimate businesses.

For the more technically-minded and those already familiar with smart contracts, there will be advice on how to develop on the Ontology network through the use of Virtual Machines and other related side-topics.

Students attending the workshops who have their own app designs will have the opportunity to collaborate with Ontology to integrate blockchain into their projects.

In addition, participants from any of the 81 academic institutions hosting the tour will have the chance to apply for grants and bounties totalling more than $20,000 each with the possibility of time-specific incubation support.