Open Simple Token – a Blockchain Business Toolkit for non-Techies

Open Simple Token – a Blockchain Business Toolkit for non-Techies

Open Simple Token (OST) have just launched OST KIT⍺, a free public test version of its complete blockchain toolkit for business.

The company’s goal is to widen the use of blockchain technology by simplifying the start-up process and making it relevant to the individual needs of mainstream businesses.

Out-of-the-Box Tools

This new kit is aimed at individuals who have zero programming skills but would like to design, mint and manage their own token on a blockchain.

However, any developers can push the limits further by using their application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) to integrate OST KIT⍺ into existing apps.

Within this alpha version, users will transact with OST⍺ currency which is a test version of the OST cryptocurrency that automatically tracks the US dollar market value of real OST.

People willing to test the OST KIT⍺ can now request some OST⍺ to test with and run their own simulations of a Branded Token economy on the OpenST Utility Blockchains by setting up transaction types and specifying users.

To encourage participation, the first 1000 users who join their Telegram group as well as register and simulate at least 10 transactions in OST KIT⍺ are eligible for a slice of the $200,000 equivalent of $OST rewards set aside to this effect.

Registration for the testnet closes on 20th March at 13:00 UTC.

Launched last December, Simple Token raised almost $22 million and exceeded their intended hardcap. Priced at the ICO at just under $0.09, it is now available on the secondary market, including exchanges such as Huobi and Binance.

Having rose briefly to over $1 in January the price has followed the rest of the cryptocurrency bear market and is currently trading at around $0.16.