“Our broadcasting is designed to teach crypto as a lifeskill” – TrakCrypto CEO

“Our broadcasting is designed to teach crypto as a lifeskill” – TrakCrypto CEO

In 2013, Bobby Bhatia left his job as a derivatives trader to set up TrakInvest, a project which described itself at the time as the “world’s first virtual social trading platform.”

Fast forward to 2018 and you will find TrakInvest episodes on Youtube now regularly drawing in 100k+ viewers as the show’s producers line up leading figures from the world of investment to share their trading strategies directly with its audience. The remit of the reality show is to teach investment as a “life skill”.

Branching into Crypto

As cryptocurrencies and ICOs began to grow in profile over the course of the last few years, however, Bhatia’s team were left with a dilemma – they could either incorporate crypto as a branch of discussion within the show’s existing format or create an entirely new broadcast format for cryptos specifically.

“We decided to go with crypto having its own show finally,” states Bhatia. As part of the new format, viewers sign up as virtual traders to the TrakCrypto platform to create their own virtual portfolio of crypto assets.

At the end of each month, traders are then ranked according to performance, and those who finish top of the rankings tables receive a share in the platform’s $100,000 monthly prize fund. 

“Our primary objective, however, is not for viewers to compete with each other – but to learn from each other. The most successful trading strategies are shared and discussed. The central idea is that we are a learning platform. Similar to TrakInvest, our broadcasting is designed to teach crypto as a lifeskill,” Bhatia adds.

Crypto trading on TrakCrypto will be similar to CFD trading via platforms like City Index. Beginners are provided with an environment where they can learn the ropes before getting their feet wet.

The TrakCrypto show, having formally gone live on September 9, now hosts just over two thousand virtual traders on its platform. Readers interested in learning more can click here