Paris Organises its First EOS Hackathon

Paris Organises its First EOS Hackathon

Entrepreneurs, developers, product developers, marketers and legal advisors will be among the one hundred or so attendees of France’s first EOS Hackathon. 

Whilst the main hackathon event itself kicks off on July 5th, it is tomorrow evening that the French capital will host its first organisational structure where the Hackathon teams will be assembled and assigned.

With the EOS mainnet having gone live over the last few days, albeit with one or two teething problems, organisers are hoping that the event will serve as a trampoline for  a wider French community of EOS networks working on the development of EOS-based dApps. 

Growing Network Numbers

Despite only being a few days old, the EOS network has inspired a number of meet-ups across the globe – with EOS hackathon groups emerging in Dublin, Italy and South Korea, among others.

The EOS project is anticipated by some as the blockchain’s upcoming equivalent of WordPress – a platform, in other words, serving as the basis for the creation of simple plug-and-play tools that allow developers and general users to leverage blockchain technology without any requirement for understanding how it all works under the hood. 

The EOS project itself raised over $4 billion in what has been the largest and most successful ICO to date – but the initiative has not been without its critics as some question the governance driving the network itself. 

Over 900 million EOS tokens are now circulating on the market, with each token currently trading at just over $10, yielding a combined market value of $9 billion, and thus making the token – barely one week old – one of the top five crypto-currencies on the market.