Players to Earn BTC in Litenite’s Battle Royale

Players to Earn BTC in Litenite’s Battle Royale

At the Lightning Conference in Berlin, Satoshis.Games unveiled their Battle Royale prototype called Litenite that integrates Bitcoin (BTC) directly into the gameplay. Players will earn or lose BTC as they progress through the game depending on their performance and can use those funds to purchase in-game items or simply withdraw the cryptocurrency to any compatible wallet that uses the Lightning Network.

Gamers unfamiliar with cryptocurrency will still be able to access Litenite but will win points instead of BTC and use fiat currencies to purchase items. However, Satoshis.Games believe that this group of players will soon realise the “enhanced interactivity” offered by Bitcoin and migrate to using BTC.

BTC Microtransactions

With the rollout of the second-layer solution known as Lightning Network (LN) now making micro-transactions of BTC feasible, any product or service offering the dominant cryptocurrency as an option is generally thought to hold an advantage over alternatives that transact only in platform-specific altcoins.

Litenite provides ample scope for users to interact in BTC through the monetary reward or penalty received by battling opposing players or simply retrieving in-game items – priced in real Bitcoin – which have been dropped by those who have been killed.

Although still under development, Satoshis.Games state that Litenite “…will be available on all major games distribution platforms.” 

To speed-up the process in bringing the game to market, Staoshis.Games have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a modest target of $50,000 with contributors rewarded with a range of perks including early-access to the platform.

The current roadmap suggests that early-access will become a reality by November 2020 with a full launch scheduled for early the following year.