Polish Central Bank Admits to Funding Anti-Cryptocurrency Propaganda

Polish Central Bank Admits to Funding Anti-Cryptocurrency Propaganda

Poland’s Central Bank has admitted to financing a series of anti-cryptocurrency Youtube videos, an article from RT has revealed

The claim was originally published by money.pl, a Polish language business news site last Friday, which stated that just over $90,000 had been allocated to a smear campaign that was executed across a number of popular social networks including Youtube and Facebook. 

One video, a five minute piece on Youtube which has attracted over half-a-million views since its initial publication in early December 2017, shows an actor drooping in a dried-up fountain as he gathers loose pennies as recompense for having lost all of his own money on a series of crypto-currency investments. 

The campaign is thought to be illegal under Polish law as sponsored content needs to be flagged as such according to the country’s legislation. 

Conspiracies Abound 

The news will likely do little to assuage the growing feeling among many in the crypto community that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have been the target of calculated attacks from dark establishment actors representing interests that could be harmed by decentralised currency models. 

In September 2017, the head of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, had triggered a series of runs on the Bitcoin currency after claiming that its was nothing more than a fraud. He subsequently went back on some of his comments, but the episode helped to consolidate a general feeling that many within both traditional banking establishments and government are pursuing an agenda to undermine the cryptocurrency phenomenon. 

However, as ICOs emerge as the world’s fastest growing capital finance mechanism, there have been signs that the increasing trend amongst governments now is one of accommodation as Russia, Switzerland and others embrace new legislation to regulate crypto-currency investments.