Polymath ICO “Breaks” Telegram as Interest in ICO Surges

Polymath ICO “Breaks” Telegram as Interest in ICO Surges

The PolyMath ICO project team has just announced that it has achieved the highest possible number of followers currently allowed by the Telegram platform for any Telegram channel. 

Having reached the maximum limit of 50,000 yesterday, it now outstrips Ripple’s own channel which, sitting at around 45,000 followers, was thought until then to be the one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Telegram channels.

The Polymath project team has opened up a second Telegram channel to cope with the overflow. 

Telegram Now Key Gauge of ICO Interest?

Telegram is a messenger platform of Russian origin which was first released in 2013. It rapidly achieved international attention, in part because its encryption-secured messenging capabilities made it a popular choice with ISIS recruitment teams. 

In the latter half of 2017, it became the online collaboration platform of choice for ICO investors and ICO project teams.

Up until recent months, Slack, an web-based online discussion platform, had itself been the market leader for ICO discussion groups.

However, its programmable bots had allowed bad faith actors to target members with individual messages, resulting in a large number of phishing scams which quickly translated into a large-scale migration away from the platform by ICO project organisers. 

The largest beneficiary of that migration was the Telegram platform. Since then, it has become the convention for practically every ICO in operation now to manage its public-facing discussions from the Russian messaging app.

The phenomenon has become so established now that some market analysts are tracking growth in the number of followers on an ICO’s Telegram channel as a means to gauging overall interest in the project.

What makes the PolyMath achievement all the more remarkable is that its own campaign was launched only a fews ago. “We achieved this milestone in a remarkably short amount of time,” stated a spokesman for the PolyMath ICO. 

To cope with the demand, the project team have also set up a one-way Telegram news announcement channel which can be found here