Populous DeFi Invests in Crowdfunding Platform

Populous DeFi Invests in Crowdfunding Platform

Populous World (PPT), the blockchain-based invoice discounting project, have announced they are taking an equity stake in the London-based crowdfunding platform, Crowd for Angels (CfA). Approved by the UK regulator FCA, CfA enable companies to raise finance by issuing shares, debt through crowd bonds, or convertible loans via cryptocurrency.

The collaboration between Populous World and Crowd for Angels is intended to allow for cross-selling of services as well as enable potential CfA investors to utilise Populous’ Business Intelligence platform to acquire further research on companies seeking crowdfunding.

Benefitting the Populous Ecosystem

After raising over $10 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) in the summer of 2017 for the PPT utility token, Populous World have focused on developing their decentralised finance (DeFi) model that allows business owners to sell their invoices to investors at a discounted rate – improving a company’s cashflow and bringing tangible benefit to the investor.

The price for each invoice is set by a reverse auction where potential investors bid against each other to ensure the best available rate for the company selling an invoice.

According to Populous World’s Director of Marketing, Lou Chan, this latest investment in CfA brings additional benefits to the Populous world ecosystem, including PPT token holders:

  • Populous World can issue bonds that are digitalised, allowing for more independence, lower costs and larger audience reach.
  • Populous World will use medium-term crowd bond funding to increase the liquidity pool to fund invoices where bonds will be issued based on invoice sellers.
  • As the liquidity pool increases it is suggested that the PPT token will see greater usage.

Having reached an all-time high of over $50 during the late 2017 cryptocurrency market bull run, PPT is currently trading on a number of exchanges, including Binance, Bithumb, and OKEx, at around $0.46.