Power Ledger Bring Blockchain Energy to Delhi

Power Ledger Bring Blockchain Energy to Delhi

The team at Power Ledger (POWR), the peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading platform, have partnered with the largest electricity distributor in Delhi, India, to initiate trials designed to enable users without solar power to access renewable energy for the first time.

The pilot project with BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), whose client base includes more than 2.5 million customers, involves a wide range of applications including group net metering, virtual net metering, electrical vehicle (EV) charging and even virtual power plant solutions.

Importance of Distributed Energy Generation

Power Ledger, who have already pushed ahead with ground-breaking trial projects in a number of countries worldwide including Japan, U.S.A, and their home country Australia, are focusing the latest program around a group of gated communities in the Dwarka region in South West Delhi.

The P2P element of Power Ledger’s platform allows residents with rooftop solar panels to sell excess energy to their neighbours instead of returning it to the grid. Those buying the energy benefit from a cheaper price and the sellers can benefit by being able to monetise their investment in solar equipment.

Dr Jemma Green, Chairman of Power Ledger, said, “I welcome consumers being remunerated for the contribution they make to the energy system – especially when they are contributing clean renewable energy. This is energy in the biggest sense of the word.”

Explaining why the P2P platform can expand over time, Dr Green said, “This kind of mechanism will encourage consumers to stay connected to the grid as they will likely put bigger solar and storage systems in to trade with the market and each other.”

BRPL CEO, Mr Amal Sinha, believes that “With the exponential growth in our economy and production, the ability to generate clean energy and utilise it across India with the need for a fully centralised grid is critical.”

Sinha is confident that by “Realising the importance of distributed generation, we have already built and extensive renewables infrastructure, and this trial with Power Ledger will help us fully utilise that energy.”